Sanjevani Proteolytic Enzyme Formula

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Suggested Use: General Support: 1 to 3 tablets daily between meals. Intensive Support: 3 to 6 tablets daily between meals.

Sanjevani Proteolytic Enzyme Formula provides powerful, vegetarian proteases for use as a systemic enzyme formulation to support tissue repair and maintenance. Proteolytic enzymes activate cells mediating tissue repair and break down cellular debris associated with inflammation metabolism, thereby supporting healthy vascular permeability, modulating tissue restorative processes, and speeding repair.

 Sanjevani Proteolytic Enzyme Formula provides these key synergistic ingredients:

• Serratia peptidase: Serratia peptidase is a highly active and well-documented protease used to assist recovery after surgery or trauma, support joint function, and assist the respiratory system in breaking down and clearing mucous, as well as supporting inflammatory conditions. Serratia peptidase is a highly purified enzyme derived from Serratia bacteria.†

• Bromelain: Bromelain is a mixture of proteases naturally derived from pineapple which modulate the inflammatory process. Bromelain is well-documented for its efficacy in regulating inflammatory responses and has been used in trauma, arthritis, and other situations involving swelling and edema formation.

• Papain: Papain is a naturally-occurring enzyme derived from papaya and is extensively used to modulate inflammatory processes and aid dietary protein digestion.†

• Catalase: The inflammatory response mechanism is characterized by the presence of powerful immune cells that release chemicals injurious to the body’s own tissues. Catalase functions to protect tissues against destructive immune secreting chemicals and promote tissue repair processes.†

Sanjevani Proteolytic Enzyme Formula provides a synergistic blend of vegetarian protein-degrading enzymes (proteases) plus catalase that work to help protect tissues and support recovery from the inflammatory response. While proteases are most commonly known for their essential function in digestion of protein during a meal, they also serve a much larger role as modulators of inflammatory processes that can affect tissue health throughout the body. Inflammation is a normal response after injury, infection, or exposure to allergens, but prolonged inflammation may result in chronic pain and permanent tissue damage. By breaking down proteins and cellular debris generated during inflammation, proteases in this formulation improve circulation and help speed healing and restore balance to affected tissues.†

Sanjevani Proteolytic Enzyme Formula tablets are easy to swallow and enterically coated to protect enzyme activity against degradation by stomach acid. This enzyme supplement is more potent than many similar enzyme formulas, thus fewer tablets may be required.