Q. How Does the Manufacturing of Sanjevani dietary supplements differ from other companies?
A. All Sanjevani brand products are manufactured to the most current cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and third-party verification to ensure potency and purity. Due to Dr. Pai’s extensive clinical training and expertise in formulations of dietary supplements, using as many patented ingredients at the clinical studied dosages offers maximum health benefits and ensures safety. Most dietary supplements on the market are manufactured in facilities that market they are “registered with the FDA” but that just means their address is on file as a manufacturing business on the FDA registry. However, due to the thousands of manufacturers that currently on the registry and dozens that are opening up daily, the FDA cannot verify if each of those businesses are manufacturing to the strict cGMP guidelines. Sanjevani brand products are manufactured at cGMP facilities which are not only listed, but also audited by the FDA. This ensures that our Sanjevani products are manufactured using the highest standards to provide the best products that we deliver to our patients and customers.

Q. Why are many of your products more expensive than other products that may use similar ingredients?
A. The key to understanding why our products are more expensive, is first understanding the difference between patented and generic ingredients. When it comes to pharmaceutical drugs, we usually recommend “generics” since the main ingredient is the same as the brand name. For example, purposes, acetaminophen is the main ingredient in Tylenol, which is the brand name. However, it doesn’t matter what brand name or generic name is like Wal-Mart or CVS brand acetaminophen is used because the main ingredient, acetaminophen is the same. So, the only aspect that one is paying for is the brand name, which is usually more expensive than the generic. Thus, generic medications whether prescribed or OTC are just as good as the brand name medications, only cheaper. Conversely, when it comes to natural ingredients that are used in dietary supplements, the opposite holds true. You can’t patent natural ingredients since they can be grown by anyone (for example, turmeric can’t be patented since anyone around the world can grow it and have been doing for centuries). However, you can patent how parts of a natural ingredient are exacted, the specific unique compounds, the ratios that they are extracted and the methodology and technology that are used to do so. Thus, when a patented natural ingredient (for example, Curcumin C3 Complex in our Bosmeric-SR) is used, no other company can provide the same amounts of those specific ingredients due to the patent protection of how and which of those compounds have been manufactured. Therefore, when using patented ingredients, this ensures that each capsule, tablet, powder or liquid has those same exact compounds with the highest purity and correct dosages and is consistent within each dose and every bottle. Patented ingredients also have clinical studies to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the product. Generic ingredients do not. Therefore, we use as many patented ingredients at the clinical studied dosages to optimize potency, purity, safety, and efficacy. By doing so we provide the true clinical benefits of using natural therapies using an Integrative Medicine approach. Unlike most of the products on the market that use cheaper generics, they do not provide such benefits. Since most companies use generics, they “borrow” the clinical data from the patented ingredients inappropriately to promote their products. But the generic ingredients will not provide the same health benefits since the specific compounds or manufacturing of those ingredients that are patented cannot be manufactured by anyone else. Generics also have a higher risk of adulteration with either dilution of fillers and synthetics ingredients. Unfortunately, most consumers and patients don’t understand the importance distinguishing the difference and will buy the generics, which are usually cheaper. Although they may save a few dollars, in the end they will not obtain the full health benefits as they should have received and will spend more on their health overall. At Sanjevani we provide evidence-based dietary supplements so that you can maximally benefit from using our products and we don’t spare any expense to give you the best health outcome. Better products provide enhanced benefits.

Q. Why are some of your products more expensive than other products using similar patented ingredients?
A. Potency is the main difference. When we use a patented ingredient in our products, we use the same dosages that were used in the clinical studies. Most companies who use the correct patented ingredients, usually use a lower dose in order to hit the “price point” that is most popular for that items. They then use the marketing data correctly on the ingredient but then fail to deliver on the studied dosage (potency) of the ingredient. Most consumers and patients may be swayed by a cheaper price and thus purchase products they believe is “similar” without understanding that even thought they may be using the right patented ingredient, they will not know that those ingredients are micro-dosed. Since they are not receiving the correct dose they usually won’t achieve the full benefits. Sanjevani products are more expensive since we use clinical studied patented ingredients at the correct dosage and deliver them to you for maximum health benefits.

Q. Why do you have many formulas that combine ingredients versus just single ingredient products?
A. Some individual natural ingredients are best given by themselves in order to obtain higher dosages or clinical effects. However, with our expertise in Integrative Medicine and herbal formulations, we maximize the synergistic effects of combining the vitamins, minerals and herbs to provide an improved clinical benefit and also lower the risk of tolerance when using over long periods of time and side effects.

Q. Why is your potency of your ingredients varying in terms of some being lower than RDI and higher than RDI?
A. The FDA as the Recommended Daily Intake of those ingredients only classifies a RDI as the minimal daily dose needed to prevent severe disease (i.e. like minimum amounts of vitamin C to prevent scurvy). Many manufactures place either super low RDI or super high RDI in their products. When the RDI’s are super low, the product price is also lower since they provide less ingredients and therefore the consumer and patient may not be getting enough (especially with eating a Standard American Diet) to provide health benefits. When the RDI’s are super high in all categories, those manufactures are targeting customers and patients who believer that “more is better”. However, that also can cause toxicity, especially when someone is taking multiple dietary supplements and there is redundancy of ingredients in many products. We have evaluated our products to provide the most adequate amounts of nutrients to be low when needed and high when needed. Not just straight across the board either way. Each of our formulation have been dosed also to be safely utilized with other Sanjevani brand products to lower redundancy and improve efficacy.

Q. Why do you offer FullScript and Wholescript to your patients and customers if you have your own Sanjevani brand of products?
A. Dr. Pai and Dr. Sutton on a daily basis used to recommend products that we didn’t carry or manufacturer to their patients and customers and would point them to Amazon to purchase them. The problem with that many of their patients and customers who went to purchase on Amazon would be swayed away to other products not recommended due to Amazon listing, advertising or pricing of other products. This then would decrease the patient’s and customer’s health benefits that would have been achieved if they purchased the exact recommended product that was clinically recommended. Therefore, by using FullScript and Wholescript, it provides our patients and customers the exact product recommended. It also ensures that those products are coming directly from the manufacturer, not fake or adulterated products or resellers that do not keep the products in appropriate conditions that the manufactures recommend. Furthermore, there are other benefits to the patients and customers with educational content, better ingredient information and labeling (versus Amazon) and finally we are encouraging our patients and customers to support small businesses like ours versus the billionaires who own large internet shopping sites. At Sanjevani, we have formulated dozens of products over 22 years that are our flagship products. Some of these products are not found anywhere else except on our store and clinic. With our expertise in formulations and consulting for other companies, many of Sanjevani “formulas” are now being used by larger companies. However, since we specialize in certain dietary supplements, we also use other company’s products that are utilized in our clinic with good results and we don’t believe there is any company that makes everything. Each company specializes in certain areas, some better than others. By using FullScript and WholeScript, we are proud to offer to our patients and customers, access to the other companies outside of our Sanjevanistore.com.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact us and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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