Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forté

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Suggested Use: 2 tablets daily with food, preferably in the morning or as directed by your health care professional.

Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forte is a unique combination of 12 key nutrients that support mental clarity and function by promoting synthesis and release of neurotransmitters, providing antioxidant protection, and supporting normal flow of blood and nutrients to the brain.

Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forte provide a coordinated, multinutrient approach to support mental clarity and function. 

Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forte provides:

  • Ingredients like acetyl-L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, and glutamine support brain neurotransmitter balance. 
  • Botanical ingredients ashwagandha, blueberry extract, and eleuthero provide antioxidant protection for nerve cells. 
  • Ginkgo and vinpocetine support the integrity of blood vessels that carry needed oxygen and nutrients to nerve and brain cells.Compounds in Ginkgo biloba and vinpocetine plant extracts exert a relaxing effect on vascular walls and assist function of blood platelets. 

Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forte through the unique combination of the above ingredients synergistically and collectively assist normal blood flow to brain cells to promote the transport of oxygen, glucose, and other nutrients needed for memory and cognitive functions.

Long-term oxidative stress has been attributed to age-related decline in memory, cognition, and overall brain function. Polyphenolic flavonoid compounds, such as found in blueberries and Ginkgo biloba, exert potent antioxidant protection against oxidative stress. Research suggests that the antioxidants in these ingredients neutralize free radicals in tissues such as vascular tissue found in the brain.

The brain’s complex metabolism requires many different nutrients for optimum cellular communication and a balanced response to stress. Excessive or chronic release of adrenaline and cortisol, accumulated effects of environmental exposures, and oxygenation can affect the brain with an impact on mental alertness, memory, and other functions. While using one or two neuro-supportive nutrients can help target specific areas of function, care is needed to avoid potentially harmful effects of over stimulating only one neurotransmitter pathway. Therefore, using the 12 key nutrients provided in Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forte delivers a balanced and safe approach to neurological support. 

Sanjevani Neuro Formula Forte ingredients exert complementary actions in neuronutrition and are supported by other key nutrients in Sanjevani Multivitamins. Used daily, this combined spectrum of nutrients support mental clarity and cognitive function.

Note: For additional neurological support, you may add Sanjevani B-Mindful, Amylobann 3399, or Percepta Professional (this product is only for patients of Dr. Pai - call to order).