Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction

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Suggested Use: 1-3 drop(s) per 2 pounds body weight per day.
As a general guide, for animals weighing 10 lbs., 10 - 30 drops per day. For animals weighing 50 lbs., 50 - 150 drops per day. The number of drops may be divided into 2 or 3 doses.

Maitake PETfraction has been specifically developed for immune support for pets.   Mushroom Wisdom has taken their famous Maitake D-Fraction and reformulated the dosage for pets in an easy liquid form.

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) has been one of the most prized functional mushrooms in traditional Japanese herbology. 

Maitake Beta-1,3 andBeta-1,6 glucans combined with protein(Proteoglucan) has been identified by modern science as the active ingredient that supports healthy immune function.

Active ingredients per 6 drops:
Maitake mushroom standardized extract (PD-Fraction®, 30% proteoglucan) 22mg 

Amount per drop:
PETfraction® contains 1.1 mg of a Proteoglucan in a drop. 
Other Ingredients:
Water, Vegetable Glycerine

Approx. 820 drops per container