Allimax Pro

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Suggested Use: Take one capsule daily, or more if required with liquid/food or as directed by your healthcare provider. Not recommended under the age of 3. 

Allimax Pro provide the highest amount of allicin per capsule (450 mg) vs the regular Allimax (180 mg) per capsule.  It also comes in larger supply bottle for higher dosing for SIFO support protocols and is more cost effective.

NOTE: Recommended as part of providing support for dysbiosis of the GI tract such as SIFO (candida) and other microbial/fungal imbalances. 

Allimax supports your body's immune system through natural allicin, a natural compound, extracted from fresh, raw garlic using a crushing, filtration and temperature controlled extraction process that dissolves pure allicin in water.* Allimax uses only garlic sourced from Spain. 

Allimax's sophisticated extraction process allows the capture of garlic's active component, allicin, and delivery of it to directly where your body needs it. 

Years have been spent researching and developing Allimax to ensure it delivers maximum strength and maximum benefits. Allicin has shown to support overall immune response.* 

It also helps aid in the immune system, circulation, digestion, and provides detoxification and cleansing abilities.* 

Guaranteed 100% yield of pure allicin. Capsules can be opened and powder mixed with food or drink if preferred.