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Usage Information

Menopause Relief Herb Pack contains highly concentrated herbal extracts, only a small amount 1/2 tsp to 3/4 teaspoon is needed daily.

Usage will vary depending on body weight and symptoms, please follow usage instructions according to weight and symptoms on the back of each package.

Some women experience noticeable symptom relief rapidly while others may need to take the formula for several months to experience consistent improvement. Take twice daily for best results.

Usage Example:

Up to 150 Pounds - 1 tsp daily for severe symptoms (3 or more hot flashes daily and night sweats)

3/4 tsp of granules for mild symptoms (daily flashes but mild, some night sweats)

1/2 tsp. of granules for light symptoms (includes peri-menopause with a few flashes and/or night sweats per month)

All information is provided by weight & symptoms on the back of each package.

Enclosed spoon in each package =  1/2 teaspoon.

The best time to take our products is between meals. Dissolve granules in hot water. 1 cup of water makes a tasty, delicious cup of tea.

Alternatively, place granules on tongue and swallow with any beverage.

Take twice daily for a month, you will see noticeable improvement with the first packet.


We understand you want a natural herbal remedies for Menopause! Herbs in this combination have been used for centuries.

Our large re-sealable, stay fresh pouch of highly concentrated herbal extract usually last about a month. Just dissolve granules in warm water and drink as a delicious cup of tea or place directly on tongue and swallow with water or juice. Either way you get a therapeutic dose of our full spectrum concentrated herbal extracts. 

Herbs don't replace hormones they balance them! Treating menopause with artificial or bioidentical hormone therapy unfortunately, does not address the underlying issues.

Whether you are peri-menopausal with mild night sweats, or have been menopausal for some time, you will get relief with these herbs. Asian cultures have used this combination of herbs effectively as a natural alternative for symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, mental clarity and other signs of natural aging. 

This herbal remedy for Menopause also helps support your mood and memory. One packet is approximately a month supply (100 grams) and you will have noticeable symptom improvement within 2-4 weeks. Usage instructions vary slightly by weight and are explained on the back of each packet. (see below) The recommended dose is 1 tsp. as a tea twice daily. Morning and evening for example, or after lunch and after dinner.

 If you have extreme symptoms throughout the day we recommended the same dose, taken three times daily. Within a few weeks you will begin to see lessening of  symptoms. Menopause symptoms occur because the body's thermostat needs re-adjusting. 3-6 months is commonly the time it takes the body to readjust and maintain this balance. Our Menopause Relief Herb Pack can be used safely long term. 



Some women use a smaller dose after a few months to maintain their health. Mix our full spectrum granules in warm water and drink as a tea, it's delicious. Or place a small amount (1/2 tsp) on your tongue and swallow with water or juice. Either way you get the power of concentrated Chinese herb botanicals working for you. Long term use (3-6 months) is recommended for complete reduction in symptoms. No alcohol is used in our extraction process, only purified water and we use no GMO corn dextrin as filler like some competitors.

You won't find anything else!  NO add fillers - NO unnecessary anti-clumbing agents - NO preservatives, alcohol, glycerin, magnesium stearate, titaniumn dioxide or anything unnatural with crazy chemical names that you can't pronounce.  Pure, tested potent herbs grown in nature, nothing else.