Rebel Herbs #11 NuroSteady Organic

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Rebel HerbsSuggested Use: Take 1 softgel twice daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.

NuroSteady is a combination of certified organic traditional Ayurvedic herbs which have been commonly used for thousands of years to promote a healthy mind and brain function.* These herbs are concentrated by an extremely powerful process called CO2 extraction. NuroSteady will help support focused mental activity, normal attention span and support healthy cognitive function (especially children, young adults and those under 40 year age).*

The branded ingredient NuroLight found in this supplement has 2 US patents - 8,110,229 & 8,394,429 and is clinically tested.

NeuroLight Patented Blend Summary Clinical Study Results

Amount Per Serving:

NuroLight Patented Blend ++ <>

600mg+ Flax seed extract (50% Linolenic acid), Celasturs paniculatus (fruit) extract (9% Linolenic acid), Bacopa monnieri (leaf) extract (20% Bacosides) , Rosemary (leaf) extract (6% Carnosic acid), Ginger (rhizome) extract (30% Gingerols) (10% Zingiberene) 

+ Daily Value not established

++ Supercritical CO2 extract

<> all extracts are organic certified

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule) , black currant extract (coloring) water, carob fruit (extract).