NATURA Iron Synergy

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Suggested Use: 1 capsule daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Not intended for use in children. 

Iron Synergy® is a blend of Naturized® food-grown iron and select botanicals that offers a whole food alternative to iron supplementation. Does not cause constipation like regular iron supplements.

Naturized® iron is supplied in a food matrix of the probiotic Lactobacillus bulgaricus, which is found to be an ideal delivery vehicle for minerals due to its ability to improve absorption and utilization. Botanicals such as Beet root, Angelica, and Rehmannia nourish and build blood, while Yellow Dock root enhances iron uptake. This unique combination of botanicals provides a synergistic effect with the Naturized® iron to help build blood and support overall health.

• promotes healthy iron levels*

• supplies food-grown, bioavailable iron*

• encourages iron assimilation*

• builds blood to support overall health*

Naturized® Iron (from Lactobacillus bulgaricus)
Iron is well-known for its role in oxygen transport as it facilitates the blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron is essential in many physiological functions including respiratory, immune, metabolic, cellular, and cognitive. Food-based nutrients are ideal because of their innate compatibility with human biochemistry and physiology. Naturized® nutrients, delivered in a food matrix, are recognized by the body as a nutritious food complex. Nutrients are released from the matrix during digestion through the gut. This naturally facilitates their absorption, bioavailability, and bioactivity.*