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Suggested Use: For prevention take one vial (tube) under the tongue one a week for at least 6 weeks starting from from beginning of flu season and till end of season. It offers excellent support and protection against influenzal and para influenzal viruses. Each Pack contains 6 tubes providing 6 weeks of flu support.

For treatment when having flu symptoms*  best to start during the first 12-24 hours from the onset of symptoms of cold and flu. Take 1 vial every 8 hours until remission of the acute phase. Each Pack lasts 2 days for treatment of acute flu symptoms.*

Guna FLU is for temporary relief of cold and flu symptoms*, such as:

  • fever*
  • headache*
  • minor aches and pains*

Recommendations: For those who need additional support we recommend adding Guna Virus and Guna Citomix.

Note: This product works better than Oscillococcinum and has a clinical study showing it was more effective than the flu shot in pediatric patients.*

Guna low dose medicines are unique, due to the ingredients, the specific dilutions and the special manufacturing process. These medicines refer to the so-called Physiological Regulating Medicine and are designed according to a specific criterion: “the structure of Guna low dose medicines reflects the etiopathogenesis of the disease”.

Physiological Regulating Medicine represents the most up-to-date integration of conventional medicine and low dose medicine. Physiological Regulating Medicine includes the most recent knowledge about Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology (PNEI), Molecular Biology and Nutrition; its innovative therapeutic approach is inspired by evidence-based low dose medicine.  It is the next generation of homeopathy.

Guna Flu Active Ingredients & Purpose:

Aconitum napellus 5C_____Fever

Anas barbariae, Hepatis et Cordis extractum 200CK_____Flu-like Symptoms

Asclepias vincetoxicum 5C_____Fever

Belladonna 5C_____Fever

Cuprum metallicum 3C_____Headache

Echinacea angustifolia 3C_____Immune Support

Influenzinum 9C_____Flu-like Symptoms

Influenzinum 9C_____Flu-like Symptoms