Megafood Adrenal Strength

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Suggested Use: Take 2 tablets daily preferably in the morning with or without food, throughout the day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. 

MegaFood Adrenal Strength promotes healthy stress response and wards off fatigue.*

Adrenal glands depleted by everyday physical, mental and and emotional stress with the help of Sensoril®, a clinically-studied extract derived from ashwagandha root shown to promote feelings of wellbeing and balance, plus organic whole oranges, brown rice, and FoodState® Magnesium.* Show fatigue and tension the door—and say hello to restored adrenal function.*

  • Nourishes depleted adrenals, wards off fatigue, and promotes a healthy stress response by the body*
  • Sensoril® is a clinically-studied extract of ashwagandha root shown to promote emotional balance and wellbeing*