Omron CompAir® Compressor Nebulizer for Kids

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Suggested Use:  Use every 4-6 hours with nebulizer solution for respiratory support or as directed by your healthcare provider. Instructions on use and set up in the box.

Note: May be used with Noble Nano Coated Silver for additional respiratory support.  See product page for details.

The CompAir Compressor Nebulizer with Kid's Accessory is a small, lightweight and tabletop nebulizer designed specifically for kids. The OMRON advanced design features our lightest compressor nebulizer yet—only 6.3 oz—which makes this pediatric nebulizer easily portable. Engineering excellence from OMRON provides quiet operation with a noise level comparable to a little louder than a quiet library (approximately 45 dBA). This small but mighty compressor nebulizer helps deliver medicine particles as small as 3 μm in diameter, within the industry’s optimal particle size range. The CompAir nebulizer system offers an affordable and efficient alternative for children experiencing asthma, acute bronchitis or other respiratory conditions.

Product Includes: One Compressor, One Nebulizer Kit, One Air Tubing, One Mouthpiece, Five Air Filters, One AC Adapter, One Storage Bag, One Child Mask, One Toy

Model # RE-C800KD