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JIVA devices have evolved, after three decades of research, to transform water into its natural, nourishing state, and to help life thrive.

Today, JIVA has become a movement empowering the soil and encouraging humanity to strive towards healthy and holistic living. JIVA has become a movement to see the universe in a drop of water.

When energy is revived, stress in water reduces.

Water does not just satisfy your thirst or hydration needs

The purpose of water is beyond that.

The Water we drink carries energy to every cell in our body and hence Life Energy in water is important for overall wellness. Our physical, mental and spiritual wellness critically depends on the life energy in the water we consume.


Vipasa is a sturdy water structuring device that is essential to improve the quality of water in the entire home and farm.

For Home:

It is the perfect option to energise your daily water. The device works well for bathing as it promotes good skin and hair, the device is perfect for terrace gardening for healthy soil and produce. It easily fits into the existing water-lines, such as overhead tanks and pumps. 

For Farm:

It helps in enhancing the soil biome, nutritional value, yield and crop cycle time. It also helps to maintain optimal health in poultry, cattle, terrace gardens, etc. It can handle upto 9,000 litres of water per hour and can be fitted to pumps with suitable adaptors.